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20 things to write a conclusion

I do not understand how limited painting could make the immense; before eyes a cloth, on it the persons which are led round by lines and everything is constrained in small space, and despite the fact that, everything is immense, everything is unlimited! And it is exact, comes to thought that this picture was born a minute of a miracle: the curtain was drawn apart, and the secret of the sky was revealed to eyes of the person. Everything occurs in the sky: it seems empty and as though foggy, but it not emptiness and not fog, but some quiet, unnatural light full angels whom presence more you feel, than you notice: it is possible to tell that everything, and the air, addresses in a pure angel in the presence of this heavenly, passing by maiden. And Raphael perfectly signed the name in a picture: in the bottom of it, from earth border, one of two angels directed thoughtful eyes in height; the important, deep thought reigns on an infantile face; whether such is there was also Raphael when he thought of the Madonna? Be the baby, be an angel on the earth to have access to secret heavenly. And as few means were necessary for the painter to make something such that it is impossible to exhaust thought! He wrote not for eyes, everything lifting during a moment and for a moment, but as a hobby which than more looks for, especially finds.

Tell that Raphael, having pulled the cloth for this picture, long did not know that on it will be: the inspiration did not come. Once he fell asleep with thought of Madonna, and, truly, any angel woke him. It jumped: it here! he cried, having pointed to a cloth, and drew the first drawing. And really, it not a picture. And vision: than further you look, you are more vividly assured that that before you something unnatural occurs (especially if you look so that you do not see neither a frame, nor other pictures). And it not deception of imagination: it is not seduced by neither vivacity of paints, nor gloss external here. Here the soul of the painter, without any cunnings of art, but with surprising simplicity and ease, transferred to unbleached linen that miracle which in its interior was made.