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The thinking of patients with schizophrenia relatively keeps formal and logical communications, but there is a distortion of process of generalization in combination with violations of sequence and criticality of thinking. Also they note violation of updating of last experience. Therefore for thinking of schizophrenics the vagueness, fancifulness, reasoning, "sliding" on false association are characteristic. All this leads to violation of mental activity.

At patients with schizophrenia decrease, emotionality obtusion, a condition of apathy is noted (that is indifference to all phenomena of life). The patient becomes indifferent to family members, loses interest to surrounding, loses differentiation of emotional reactions, it has an inadequacy in experiences. Violation of strong-willed processes takes place: the decrease in strong-willed effort reaching painful lack of will. Increase of ability to strong-willed effort testifies to progress in treatment of the patient. Statistically, about 60% of percent of patients are disabled.