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Education – long-term process in which many people participate. Therefore it is extremely important to observe sequence and systematicity in their work, in due time to reveal levels of good breeding of pupils, a zone of the next development.

The scientists dealing with a problem of the status of the expert of welfare activity do not give exact differentiation between such qualifications as the social worker and the social teacher and therefore novelty of our research consists in identification of functions and functions of the social teacher, and also new forms and methods in work with teenagers.

educational (to be set a task of full use in educational process of means and opportunities of society, educational potential of a microenvironment, potential opportunities of the personality);

In the sphere of leisure, as well as in other areas of life, people often face problems which they cannot solve neither, nor a family, friends. Therefore there is a need for the competent, qualified assistant – the social teacher who itself comes for contact with a family, the personality.

In order that knowledge was acquired well and was clear to pupils teachers of teenage club "Hellas" explain them in the ordered and systematic system. They make the plan of work with teenagers in advance and work elaborately. Here for example, the special work teacher with teenagers of deviant behavior thinks over the plan of work with them in advance, writes programs of carrying out actions and carries out them in a certain sequence. And in organizational working methods, in system of conversation with parents of "difficult" teenagers reports the plan of conversation, declares transition to a new type of work.

In qualitatively new social status of the expert the dominating signs are his professional competence and high qualification of stimulation and the organization of individual or family, group leisure activity.

The professional orientation of the personality is expressed in adequate understanding of the purposes and problems of professional activity, existence of the formulated professional motives, steady interests, tendencies, views, belief, ideals relating to the chosen profession;

The materials and results received during research can be used in practice of the social work teacher with teenagers. Also these materials can be useful to parents in the course of education of teenagers.

Apparently, the principles of modern pedagogics form system, the complete unity fastened with their close interrelation. Realization of one principle is connected with realization of others. Everything they reflect the main features of the principle of education in system.

The system of the principles of education includes: principles of communication of the theory with practice, communications of education with life; sequence and systematicity of educational influences and the principles of the differentiated approach.