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In my opinion to opinion the main objective is not sewage treatment, but essential reduction of their volume up to a complete elimination. If after all a certain volume of sewage cannot be avoided, utilization or processing of waste of cleaning has to become waste-free. Thus not improvement of technology of cleaning, but transition in industrial production to low-waste or waste-free technologies has to become a progressive tendency in further development of a modern civilization.

Secondly, interests of fishery are infringed. After all efficiency of reservoirs decreases. Here it is reasonable to proceed from losses of net profit which cannot already be restored even at cultivation of whitebaits.

Until quite recently the timber-rafting on Sviri's inflows - the rivers to the Pasha and Oyati where salmons spawn proceeded molevy. An alloy and processing of wood falls on the spring and summer period, it depends time and occurs calling of the Ladoga salmon and trout. The timber-rafting on the rivers of the highest category of fishery value causes to Moleva serious damage to reproduction of the Ladoga salmons.

It is also possible to realize such way - clearing of the small rivers (as, however, and a bottom on shoal Ladoga lakes. Extraction of the sunk wood already in itself can become very profitable business. At the same time the volume and a regularity of a river drain to Ladoga, a drain saturation oxygen will increase and the contents in it organic acids, various other organic and mineral substances will be reduced

Waste of livestock complexes and poultry farms make serious impact on a fish livestock in the lake. Due to not the full utilization of dung water or a chicken dung which in large volumes come to the spawning rivers, bringing irreplaceable losses to fishery of Lake Ladoga.