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The prosecutor has the right to bring representation in court of the second and supervising instance on the judicial resolution only in case he participates in business (part 2 of article 320, part 1 of article 331, article 336, part 1 of article 371, part 3 of article 3

Checking, whether it is observed by the person who made the complaint (protest), 10-day term of the cassation appeal (protest), vessels need to consider that the beginning of a current of the specified term is the day following behind day of pronouncement of the decision in the final shape, but do not put delivery or the direction to the parties and other persons participating in business, the copy of the decision on business.

Resolving the disputes connected with a reorganization, re-planning of inhabited and utility rooms it is necessary to find out, whether is available on this consent not only the employer, but also the lessor (Art. 84 of the Housing code of RSFSR) and as it is most expedient to make a reorganization of the specified rooms for what it is necessary according to h. To recruit the 2nd Art. 42 of GPK RSFSR in business bodies of housing and communal services.

By preparation for judicial proceedings of case of deprivation of the parental rights of one of parents the judge for protection of the rights of the minor and providing appropriate conditions of his further education, and also protection of the rights of the parent who is not living together with the child needs to inform in each case this parent on time and a place of judicial proceedings and to explain that he has the right to declare the requirement about transfer of the child to it on education.

At absence of the official who is properly informed on time and a place of consideration of the case on court session without valid excuse or in the absence of data on the absence reason the court can consider case for lack of this person.

If the court comes to a conclusion that the obligation for compensation of the damage caused by payment of average earnings during the compelled truancy or a difference in earnings during performance of below-paid work cannot be assigned to the official recruited in matter in quality of the third party on the party of the respondent, the court has to state the corresponding motives in the decision.

The current of term of limitation period on demand to other respondent attracted with court interrupts in day of the statement the claimant of the corresponding petition, and in the absence of such petition - from the moment of involvement of this respondent by court to participation in business.

The claim for divorce with the person which place of residence is not known, can be shown at the choice of the claimant, that is in the last known residence of the respondent or in the location of its property, and in a case when with the claimant there are minor children or departure to a residence of the respondent to it is for health reasons difficult, - in a place of his residence.

Thus the court takes into account age of the child, his attachment to each of parents, brothers, sisters and other family members, the moral and other personal qualities of parents, the relations existing between each of parents and the child, possibility of creation to the child of conditions for education and development (taking into account a kind of activity and an operating mode of parents, their financial and marital status, meaning that advantage in itself in material and household position of one of parents is not the unconditional basis for satisfaction of requirements of this parent), and also other circumstances characterizing a situation which developed in the place of residence of each of parents.

Affairs on labor disputes between the shareholder - the natural person and joint-stock company, the participant of other economic association or society and this economic association or society are subordinated to courts of law.

m) disputes between owners of the individual residential buildings located on the adjacent (next) land plots on removal of obstacles in use of the land plot, including in a case when its borders and the sizes are challenged;

On the affairs infringing on interests of persons, partially or completely incapacitated, it is necessary to check existence of the judgment on recognition of the citizen incapacitated or it is limited capable, and also powers of their trustees or trustees (Art. 48 of GPK).