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The environment is defined by the economic indicators characterizing a condition of the tourist market: ratio of demand and offer, price level, market capacity, solvent opportunities of tourists as consumers, condition of tourist products and so forth.

In more detail, it is necessary to stop on a subject of market researches which are characterized, in our tourist market, one paradoxical feature: are engaged in them practically all firms and at the same time a set of firms do not carry out them.

At a completion stage reconstruction of all five railway stations and the Pulkovo Airports I and Pulkovo Extend customs terminals, the uniform system of information and service providing is built.

As well as any independent system or a subsystem, at the tourist market has the infrastructure. The infrastructure of the tourist market is a set of institutes, systems, services, the enterprises which are serving the tourist market and carrying out certain functions on providing the normal mode of its functioning.

The tourist market consists of a set of segments and has a certain structure. The structure is an internal structure, an arrangement, an order of its separate elements, their specific weight in a total amount of the tourist market. For the characteristic of structure of the tourist market it is possible to allocate a number of criteria:

Owing to that all markets, despite their obvious distinction, have the general economic essence, and the tourist market represents a peculiar segment of market structure of higher level therefore, the model of functioning of a market mechanism developed by the general economic theory, is applicable and to the tourist market.

The environment of the tourist market is a set of the tourist products developing in the market in each this timepoint of economic conditions under which realization process is carried out. In other words, it is the situation which developed in the tourist market on a certain timepoint.

In the analysis of opportunities of reception of tourists the total of locations countrywide undertakes. In a section of the certain tourist region this indicator is analyzed on a ratio of various locations by their types and word length.

from natural and cultural regional features the attention is paid to the sea, the sun, kitchen, architecture - thus epithets only in superlative degrees are used, but reliability and pithiness of such usually very laconic advertizing messages are not supported with convincing data;

There is also secondary information which could be collected earlier and was used for other purposes or within the same task, but at the previous research. This information should be checked previously because it could become outdated and in some cases correct for approach to the most reliable level.

Any firm which is actively working at the market, anyway, is engaged in marketing. At the beginning it usually a set of the most necessary tools without which it is impossible to do: forecasting and planning of demand for these or those services of tourist firms; control over price level; search of the most effective methods of advertizing and sales; segments and niches of the market, etc. For any developing tourist firm the analysis of the tourist market is necessary for further successful work.

Segmentation of the market – one of rare methods which are used practically at all stages of marketing activity. Segmentation is initial material when carrying out the majority of researches of the market, is used when developing an advertizing campaign, without it planning and implementation of marketing influences is impossible. As a rule, segmentation is represented in the form of the circle segmented. Division is conducted proceeding from needs of this or that firm for a form and extent of specification of the market.

In market researches it is possible to allocate two directions of researches: standard researches and individual. Any firm cannot do without standard researches, and individual are carried out according to individual inquiries of firms and current situation. The second group of methods is very wide and reflects the curiosity of the most various firms of various character proved by a situation. It is possible to refer researches of requirements, demand, market capacity to standard researches and some other.