13 Different Ways To Write A Paper In A Weekend

What to write a basic outline

At a hypoglycemia there is a muscular weakness, feeling of hunger, body temperature falls. Violation of activity of nervous system is shown thus in developing of spasms, obscuring and loss of consciousness.

At starvation glycogen stocks in a liver and concentration of glucose in blood decrease. The same occurs and at a long and hard physical activity without additional reception of carbohydrates. Reduction of concentration of glucose in blood is lower than 07% is called as a hypoglycemia, and the increase is higher than 12% - a hyperglycemia.

The increase in power expenditure of an organism is registered at fall of temperature of environment. In these conditions the organism several times increases intensity of processes of disintegration for release of the energy used on maintenance of constant body temperature.

In an organism there is a constant exchange of glucose between a liver, blood, muscles, brains and other bodies. The main consumer of glucose - skeletal muscles. Splitting of carbohydrates in them is carried out as anaerobic and aerobic reactions. One of products of splitting of carbohydrates is lactic acid.

In small degree power consumption increases at cerebration. Even extremely hard mental work causes an increase in power consumption for only 2-3%. The feeling of hunger which the person thus can test is connected with that the brain in the conditions of intense cerebration needs a large amount of pure glucose. Reception of a cup of sweet tea completely satisfies needs of a brain for glucose for these conditions. Additional power consumptions increase under the influence of emotional experiences (on average by 11-19%).