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· the analysis of the internal (external) factors influencing the level of financial expenses in a statics and dynamics. This direction to include such specific objectives as the analysis of structure of current assets, the analysis of efficiency of use of means, etc.;

The test of the concept of new service, i.e. granting a novelty to the consumer and clarification of its relation in wide scales prior to mass granting (the analysis existing and real demand.

* a look, a way of production (individual operations have high prime cost, and, therefore, and the price — the marketing concept; services of mass character have low costs, the low price — the production marketing concept);

Life cycle of goods (a product, service) — is the concept, describes all elements of marketing from the moment of acceptance of a about providing concrete service, its revenues to the market and until its removal from the market.

the market of the buyer caused by excess of the offer over demand. In that case marketing can be conversion (negative demand), stimulating (zero demand), a remarketing (the decreasing demand).

it was called by his name. The idea of this schedule is very simple: it temporary communications between events. The Gant considered that final of any program can be considered as a row interconnected and clear not only to heads, but also performers of plans and on which it is necessary to make decisions (see the social concept marketing. Further development of a technique the of the schedule of Ganges and deeper concept of network character of a of development led PERTH to creation of system that considerably quality of control of researches and development.

I wait the considered sizes. It is natural that in practice the between profit, sales volume and prime cost is not linear and then it is necessary to use a of Kobba-Douglas or various methods of multiple regression.

· the analysis of the internal (external) factors influencing profit level (the analysis of balance profit; the analysis of profit on a ; analysis of profitability of economic activity; ­ structures of the balance income; analysis of distribution of full (balance) profit, etc.).

* revival of volume of the offer of services, i.e. change of position in the market by means of modification of the service, finding of the alternative market and (or) a form of sale, ways of a of services to clients and advertizing;

· the analysis of the internal (external) factors influencing decrease in level of labor input (zarplatoyemkost). (Analysis of use of labor potential; analysis of turnover of staff; analysis of labor productivity level; analysis of a ratio of growth rates of labor productivity and average salary; analysis of efficiency of use of a wages fund.);