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They have the following appearance: the krupnozaostrenny hat covered with a dark brown or reddish oil thin skin. Ispod of a mushroom is tightened by a white film, under a film dark pulp. In I write are applied in a boiled, fried, marinated and salty look. In a dried look are not applied since when drying darken.

The web mycelium turns in tyazhisty, in then in shnurovy and there are fruits. For normal cultivation of mushrooms it is necessary to meet certain conditions. To important conditions humidity is. At humidity of 40-50% the web mycelium grows in the basic, at 50-60% it turns in tyazhisty, at 70% there is a shnurovy mycelium.

Kinds of russulas - brilliant, marsh, pine-forest, yellow, greenish, fragile red, fragile violet and others. The real russulas grow in August-September. They are applied in a boiled, fried, marinated and salty look.

organisms. The same opinion there was also the well-known Swedish scientist-scientist Karl Liney who considered that mushrooms, are similar to polyps. Only in a consequence it changed the point of view and carried mushrooms to land plants.